Belmont with Highly Technically Qualified and Experienced Staff Can Design and Making its Products to meet Vast Range of Specification and Conditions as per Customer’s Drawing, Samples and Specifications.

Finish Smooth or Wrapped
Shapes Straight/Reducer/Elbow/Hump/ Multiple Bends
Branch-Multiple Nylon T/ Metal Insert, Crimping/Moulded
Plies – Layers 1 to 5
Burst Pressure Up to 40 kg/cm²
Vacuum & Negative Pressure Up to 200 mm Hg
Reinforcement with & w/o Rayon/Polyester/Nylon/Aramid/Kevlar/Spring & G.I Wire


Our Products are designed to meet different Conditions Ranging as below:

Temperature -80⁰ F to +550⁰ F
Hardness 15 to 95 Durometer Shore A
Resistance Oil, Heat, Ozone, Weather Acid, Water, Gas, Steam


To meet the Specifications and Conditions we are Capable to Use and Select from Variety of Rubbers & Polymers to select:

ACM Acrylic IIR Butyl
BR Polybutadiene NBR Nitrile
CR Chloroprene NBR-PVC Nitrile-PVC
CSM Hypalon NR Natural
EA Vamac SBR Styrene Butadiene
ECO Epichlorohydrin SNR/IR Polyisoprene
EPDM Ethylene Propylene TPR /TPV Thermoplastic
FKM Viton URE/AU/EU Polyether Urethane
FVMQ Fluorosilicone VMQ Silicone
HNBR Hydrogenated Acrylonitrile XNBR Carboxylated Nitrile